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Lots of people ask me about where they can find good project management resources online. The trouble is, there are loads of websites dedicated to project managers, but many of them are just advertising, or are not up-to-date, or don’t contain enough content to be useful. Here are a selection of my favourite sites that will help you be a better project manager (links open in a new window).


Online communities


  • Projects@Work: useful magazine with practical advice from industry experts (including me!).
  • PM Network: magazine from PMI, some articles from each issue available to download as .pdf files.
  • Computer Weekly: there is a good blog, WITsend, on women in IT and lots of other stuff for technology PMs.
  • Project Manager Today: an independent UK magazine.
  • PM World Journal: regularly updated news from around the world.

Project Management know-how

Professional bodies

For good project management blogs, take a look at the links here.

For other things I have written around the web on project management, click here.