Software review: Twproject

September 17, 2014

General information Name: Twproject Vendor: Open Lab Hosting options: Web hosted and locally hosted Cost: Locally hosted from 1 user per year at 45€ with an interesting non-expiring licence option for between 1 and unlimited users capped at 5000€. Web hosted from 53€ a month for 10Gb of storage and 10 users. The cloud versions […]

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Software review: activeCollab

September 15, 2014

General information Name: activeCollab Vendor: A51 Hosting options: Web hosted and locally hosted Cost: From $25 for a small cloud hosted option to $2999 a year for a mega cloud option, and reasonable locally hosted prices too. Languages:English as standard with the option of downloading German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish. Plus you can translate […]

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Software review: Project List

September 12, 2014

General information Name: Project List Vendor: Simple Focus Hosting options: It’s fully cloud-based, so web hosting only. Cost and plans: $10 per team per month Languages: English Currency: No currency functionality Basic features: portfolios at a glance Project List is not feature-rich project management software. It’s billed as a super lightweight project tool which was […]

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Software review: Glip

September 10, 2014

General information Name: Glip Vendor: Glip Hosting options: Web hosted Cost: Free for basic features, 5GB of storage and up to 10k posts. When you run out of space you can move to the $5 per month per person model or scale up for more storage and priority support at $10 per month per person. […]

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Will Project Management Benefit from the Internet of Things?

September 8, 2014

This is a guest post by Zach Watson of TechnologyAdvice. The Internet of Things is perhaps the new most-used phrase to describe a recent technological breakthrough. Interestingly, the hype behind this particular innovation describes technology spread over a number a machines that work in concert. The most famous cases are sensors placed into arguably mundane […]

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It’s Software September 2014!

September 5, 2014

It’s September, which means only one thing: the Software September season here at A Girl’s Guide To Project Management has started. This year I’ve been swamped with requests for software reviews (like normal) and have picked out a few that looked like fun to review. This month you can look forward to reviews of: Glip […]

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WiSE: Supporting Senior Women Delivering Strategic Projects

September 3, 2014

This post was sponsored by IPS Learning. Sometimes the best ideas come from a chance conversation. A chance conversation that Mary Simpkins had last year is what set her off on a journey to develop WiSE: Women in Strategic Execution. The Strategic Execution Conference was held for the first time last year and next month […]

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How do you build a successful project team? Tips from Microsoft

September 1, 2014

Leadership, teaming, technology adoption and measuring effectiveness are the four things that Mike Hughes, Office Business Group Lead for Microsoft Ireland believes are essential for building a successful project team. He spoke at an Ireland Chapter of PMI event recently about collaboration best practice and how to create effective project teams in the current business […]

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No time to read (The Parent Project Month 18)

August 29, 2014
This entry is part 16 of 17 in the series The Parent Project

  I don’t have time to read any more. While all the book reviews this month make it look like I sit around reading all day the truth is that I read most of them while commuting or in the weeks before Oliver was born when I didn’t have the energy to get off the […]

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Book review: Supercommunicator

August 27, 2014

“Too often, potentially great projects are dismissed by management, investors, and regulators simply because those decision makers can’t understand their value”, writes Frank J. Pietrucha in his book, Supercommunicator. “Opportunities can be missed and bad things can happen when content originators don’t explain their subjects in easy-to-understand language.” If you have recently put together a […]

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