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Pitch policy

**Update for 2014**

I will be on maternity leave (yes, again) between February and August 2014. I am working from time to time but my priority is on work for my Otobos clients so it may take me longer than normal to get back to you. Please note that this means I am working with a long lead time on the editorial calendar and am planning content for publication quite far in advance.

I receive a lot of emails from people on a variety of subjects.  I do try to respond to everyone, but you’ll have a greater chance of a quick and meaningful response if you follow the below pointers, which are designed to save time and energy on both sides.

  • If it’s a quick hello, get me on Twitter.  Please send me a message to @pm4girls.  I’m usually on top of my @ messages, but if for whatever reason I have missed yours, give it a while and try me again.
  • Please don’t just send me a press release. I don’t publish them, and I barely read them.  Instead, send me a brief summary of your product or idea, if you think it’s suitable for my blog. It is suitable, right?  You don’t have to subscribe or pretend you read it regularly. Just surf around to check that you’re not pitching something completely inappropriate.
  • You get extra credit for correct spelling and grammar, although if English isn’t your first language you’ll get the benefit of the doubt.


I’m always happy to do interviews. Please send me as much information in your first email as possible, including your deadline and whether you’d prefer the phone/Skype or email.

Pitching books for review

Yes, please! As an author, I love reading.  I’m sometimes slow to publish reviews but I will always get round to it.  Please let me know if you have a preferred time for the review to run when you get in touch. I’m particularly interested in project management books (of course), IT books, and those focusing on women in business. I’ll consider any work-related topics but I don’t review fiction. Each year I run a ‘Summer of Books’ feature in August, so prior to that is a good time to pitch.

Pitching software for review

Each year I run a ‘Software September’ feature in – you guessed it – September. Prior to that is the best month to pitch your product’s latest features, release or news. I do review project management software, but it is a lot of effort to review properly so it often takes some time for the reviews to appear.

Pitching a guest post

We do accept guest posts for publication. Please read the guest post guidelines here.


I do sell advertising space, thank you for asking. Advertising keeps the lights on. Please note all ads are clearly marked as such. I don’t run covert ads and there are no big ugly banner ads here either.

Pitching for me to do work with you

My company, The Otobos Group, is a project communications consultancy. We do occasionally work with other companies. Get in touch and let me know what you have in mind, unless your idea of ‘work’ means using me to get to my clients so you can sell them your stuff.

Many thanks to Charmian Christie and Suw Charman-Anderson from whom I have liberally stolen borrowed ideas for this pitch policy.