Happy 21st Anniversary, Women in PM! [conference video]

October 1, 2014

This is my video diary from the Association for Project Management’s Women in Project Management Special Interest Group 21st Anniversary Conference last week. Approx 5m22s.  

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Happy Anniversary Women in PM SIG! An interview with Teri Okoro

August 20, 2014

Next month sees the APM’s Women in Project Management group holding the 2014 National Conference & 21st Anniversary of Women in Project Management in London. I spoke to Teri Okoro, Chair of the special interest group and part of the team behind the anniversary preparations. Teri, what’s on the agenda for the WiPM SIG now you’ve […]

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The XY Factor in HTML: How the fairer sex fares in digital project management

December 2, 2013

This is a guest post by Lee Carnihan. After more than ten years working in digital I’ve met a dozen or so female project managers but only two female web developers. Yes, two. I can still remember their names. Laura and Tanya. My anecdotal experience, sadly, seems to confirm the statistical reality that women in […]

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6 women’s stories of returning to work after maternity leave

July 31, 2013

With research showing that women taking 3 years off work to bring up children lose 38% of their earning power forever, it seems that managing your maternity leave is more important than you probably expected. I asked the BCS Women’s group – a group of women working in science, technology and engineering – what advice […]

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5 tips for returning to work after maternity leave

July 17, 2013

As regular readers will know, I’ve been on maternity leave since January, working on The Parent Project. During that time I’ve still been blogging and writing for my Otobos clients on a part-time basis, supported by my wonderful family, and my new book, Shortcuts to Success, was published. But now it’s time to take it […]

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Advice for returning to work: Interview with Janice Haddon

June 3, 2013

As regular readers will know, I’ve been on maternity leave since January, and I’m now easing myself back into work. I spoke to Janice Haddon, a coach and management consultant who specialises in helping people return to work successfully (amongst other things). This is what she had to say about returning to work after a […]

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Book review: Who Says It’s a Man’s World: The Girls’ Guide to Corporate Domination

March 20, 2013

“This is such an incredible, unprecedented time to be a woman in business,” writes Emily Bennington in her book, Who Says It’s a Man’s World: The Girls’ Guide to Corporate Domination. “Never before has our style of leadership been so needed, and never before have our choices been so vast and our opportunities so great.” […]

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Gossip at work: turning it into something useful

January 7, 2013

We all like a good chat about our colleagues, don’t we? On challenging projects with big teams there is always plenty to comment about, from why so-and-so was late to work to whether someone else is doing a good job. I spoke to workplace behavioural expert Beverly Flaxington from The Collaborative about gossip, and how […]

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Building a project management career: interview with Helen Hitchmough

November 28, 2012

Earlier this month we celebrated International Project Management Day and one of the themes this year was women in project management. I wanted to get someone else’s view on being a woman in project management so I spoke to Helen Hitchmough, a senior project manager at project management consultancy firm Acando, about her project management […]

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How men and women manage risk differently

November 21, 2012

Earlier this month International Project Management Day took as one of its themes the role of women in project management. I spoke to Angela Minzoni Alessio, PhD, an industrial and business anthropologist from the Ecole Centrale in Paris, about how men and women approach project risk differently. Angela, you’ve spent a lot of time researching […]

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