How do you build a successful project team? Tips from Microsoft

September 1, 2014

Leadership, teaming, technology adoption and measuring effectiveness are the four things that Mike Hughes, Office Business Group Lead for Microsoft Ireland believes are essential for building a successful project team. He spoke at an Ireland Chapter of PMI event recently about collaboration best practice and how to create effective project teams in the current business […]

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5 Strategies for Building New Productivity Habits in Your Project Team

April 16, 2014

This is a guest post by Andrew Filev is the founder and CEO of Wrike. Various studies show that we spend about 45% of our time every day on habitual actions. People all have different work styles, but, as my experience shows, an important soft skill for a project manager is to help his employees […]

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5 ways to boost your team’s creativity

April 14, 2014

This is a guest article from Alina Vrabie from Sandglaz. Creativity is the cornerstone of innovation. It’s what takes your work from average to outstanding. And we have creativity to thank for great products, services and ideas. Sometimes, your team is facing a creative block and they clearly need a creativity boost. At other times, […]

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3 Things that make a project team virtual

April 9, 2014

“Virtuality…is a critique on how work gets done,” writes Thomas P. Wise in his book, Trust in Virtual Teams. Before I read the book I thought that virtual teams were those that were split over several locations. If the team was physically located together, then they weren’t virtual. However, Wise sees it differently. He has […]

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Empowering teams at Conference: Zero

October 28, 2013

Ulrik Moes, Project Director at pharma company Novo Nordisk, gave a presentation at Conference: Zero a fortnight ago about his ideas for empowering project teams. Ulrik has worked all over the world and has spent the last 8 years managing IT projects. His talk focused on tools for empowerment and the management of virtual teams. […]

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How to provide constructive criticism

May 20, 2013

This is a guest post by Sarah Clare. As a project manager, there is sure to come a time when you have to address poor performance or substandard work. We all make mistakes, and we can all find ways to improve our work. When you are a project manager, it is your responsibility to make […]

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Managing in a matrix – we are all project managers now!

April 10, 2013

This is a guest post by Kevan Hall, CEO of Global Integration. Project managers have had to deal with ‘matrix management’ for decades. They have to build the skills to manage short and long-term teams with representatives from different functions, regions and specialisations. The matrix actually first developed as a response to the need to […]

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5 Team structures for Agile teams

February 6, 2013

Catherine Powell, principal at Abakas, a Boston based firm, spoke about agile team structures at Øredev, the software development conference in Sweden at the end of last year. She provided 5 sample team structures as examples that we could use them putting together Agile project teams of our own. 1. Team generalist In this team, […]

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Gossip at work: turning it into something useful

January 7, 2013

We all like a good chat about our colleagues, don’t we? On challenging projects with big teams there is always plenty to comment about, from why so-and-so was late to work to whether someone else is doing a good job. I spoke to workplace behavioural expert Beverly Flaxington from The Collaborative about gossip, and how […]

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Book Review: Leading with Honor

December 3, 2012

“Our culture desperately needs courageous servant leaders – men and women who have clear vision and strong character, who instill confidence and inspire excellence, who don’t fold under pressure, compromise on principle, or practice deception. In short, we need leaders who are committed to leading with honor.” So begins Lee Ellis’s book, Leading with Honor: […]

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