Project leadership

4 ways that project management has changed in the last 10 years

February 17, 2014

Someone asked me recently how project management has changed over the last decade. It’s a big question! There are a number of things that have jumped out at me, even just comparing my own experiences from when I started managing projects over 10 years ago to the workplace today. Here’s my view on what the […]

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Looking ahead: Predictions for Project Management in 2014

December 9, 2013

Oooh, it’s dangerous to make predictions for the future, but I thought I’d give it a go. Project management seems to be changing quite a lot at the moment, and it certainly feels like over the last couple of years we have (finally) taken some leaps forward in thinking and, as a profession, deciding where […]

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Managing in a matrix – we are all project managers now!

April 10, 2013

This is a guest post by Kevan Hall, CEO of Global Integration. Project managers have had to deal with ‘matrix management’ for decades. They have to build the skills to manage short and long-term teams with representatives from different functions, regions and specialisations. The matrix actually first developed as a response to the need to […]

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3 ways to practise your leadership skills

April 1, 2013

This is a guest post by Mike Clayton, author of Brilliant Project Leader. True leadership is not something you do when it suits you. In fact, true leadership emerges when it is least convenient, in tough times, under extremes of pressure. These are the situations that separate out the good project managers from the poor, […]

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Project Management and Leadership – can you have one without the other?

November 12, 2012

This is a guest post by Andy Trainer of Silicon Beach Training. Project management is a field that is becoming increasingly valued within both large and small organisations – our project management training has never been so much in demand! It’s now widely recognised that having employees with great project management skills leads to more […]

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4 Reasons why your Project Board isn’t working

July 25, 2012

Who on your project will have the authority to make decisions at the most senior level? Who will get you access to the resources you require?  Who will unblock problems and sign off the extra money the project needs? These are all functions of a Project Board (or Steering Group). A Project Board is made […]

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4 Steps to becoming a better project leader: Book Review: The Shift from One to Many

May 2, 2012

According to Chrismon Nofsinger, there are 4 steps on the journey to being a great leader, but most people only get halfway. “Leadership is about facilitating the output of others and giving them recognition,” he writes in his new book, The Shift from One to Many: A Practical Guide to Leadership. This is a great […]

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Why is it a project manager’s job to fix companies?

February 29, 2012

Projects are the future, a good portfolio office can influence and shape strategy and project management is the only way to holistically deliver improvements. If you have sat through any project management conference presentations or talked to someone evangelising about the role of the PMO then you will have heard this stuff before. At the […]

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The Leadership Attitude

September 7, 2011

There has been a notable shift in recent years to talking about project leadership, as distinct from project management. Management, as the saying goes, is about doing things right, and leadership is about doing the right things. In reality, both leadership and management are often done by the same person – the project manager. But […]

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Project Sponsor FAQ

July 21, 2008

Craig Brown has been writing about the job description of a project sponsor over at Better Projects. I have pulled together an FAQ for project sponsors, which you can use if you’re having difficulty explaining to someone what a project sponsor actually does. Why does a project need a sponsor? To support the project team […]

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