10 tips for a good agenda + free template

October 8, 2012

Earlier this year I gave you 10 tips for writing good minutes. Today I want to share my top tips for meeting agendas. Meetings need agendas. Agendas help with project communication – they ensure people know why they are turning up to a meeting and what they should be doing when they are there. Here […]

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10 Tips for Good Minutes

July 9, 2012

Minutes help with project communication – they ensure people have a common understanding of what the meeting was about, and they serve as a permanent record. They can be especially useful for people who were not able to attend the meeting in person. So here are 10 tips for writing good minutes. 1. Write minutes […]

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5 Tips for Managing Information Overload

March 7, 2012

Emails, phone calls, status alerts, updates. We are constantly interrupted at work. At the Pink Elephant ITSM conference last month Dr Joanne Cantor talked about how to manage the bombardment of bleeps and pings that demand our attention. Here are 5 of her tips for managing information overload. 1. Have a list of ‘drop everything’ […]

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Turning the Generation Gap upside down: 5 tips for working with Baby Boomers

December 7, 2011

PM Network last month reported that 65% of people feel that there is a generation gap in project management. We are living in the first period where five generations are working together in the workplace. Experienced (i.e. older) project managers now have Generation X and Generation Y people on their teams. The age differences at […]

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Ask the Smart PM: Networking Within the Organization

July 18, 2011

This is a guest post by Conrado Morlan, the Smart PM. Dear Smart PM… I am a new hire at the project management office of a large corporation. I had been working in project management for several years as a freelancer. Although I consider myself to be a good networker, I found difficulties networking within […]

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Good service, bad service

February 28, 2011

“Good morning, Elizabeth,” says the man at the coffee stand. “The usual?” “Yes, please.” I fiddle with my purse to get the correct change. “Sorry, I don’t have enough money,” I say. “I’ll just go to the cash machine.” I leave the counter and cross the street to the nearest cash point. When I get […]

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From the archives

July 5, 2010

Can you believe I’ve been blogging for four and a half years?  Time has flown past and in that time I’ve met some amazing people and done some really interesting projects.  Here’s a look back at what we were talking about: This time last year: Recovering troubled programmes.  The 5-step approach to recovering a programme […]

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Fixed date projects: more advice from the experts

February 17, 2010

Last week we saw that PRINCE2 doesn’t really have much advice to offer the project manager stuck with delivering to a fixed date.  I also gave you some advice from another expert, J LeRoy Ward at ESI.  Surely some other project management experts have tackled this problem?  I trawled my bookcase for what other people […]

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Gadget etiquette

May 27, 2009
This entry is part 5 of 13 in the series Office Goddess

This entry is part 5 of 13 in the series Office GoddessThis month in the Office Goddess series, I want to look at using your gadgets at work. You love your laptop, right?  It goes where you go and it’s oh so handy for meetings.  Well, personally I’m a pen and paper girl but if […]

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10 tips to overcome Imposter Syndrome

March 16, 2009

You know how you feel when you get a new project or a whole lot more responsibility and suddenly you feel you’re in the wrong job?  You’re not alone – that feeling is Imposter Syndrome. We all get it, especially women.  Someone says something, or you attend a meeting and it all goes over your […]

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