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What are the relevant factors that drive or result from information overload?

March 10, 2014

Thomas asked this question during the PMI Learning, Education and Development Community of Practice presentation I gave recently about Social Media for Project Managers. We were talking about using social media tools at work for communication and collaboration, and – of course – the topic of information overload came up. Normally I’m asked how to […]

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4 ways that project management has changed in the last 10 years

February 17, 2014

Someone asked me recently how project management has changed over the last decade. It’s a big question! There are a number of things that have jumped out at me, even just comparing my own experiences from when I started managing projects over 10 years ago to the workplace today. Here’s my view on what the […]

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Social Media for Project Managers: Q&A

January 22, 2014

I gave a presentation on social media for project managers at the PMI Learning, Education and Development Community of Practice at the end of last year. They run a successful online book club and they were discussing my book on the subject, so it was great to be asked to go along and round out […]

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Looking ahead: Predictions for Project Management in 2014

December 9, 2013

Oooh, it’s dangerous to make predictions for the future, but I thought I’d give it a go. Project management seems to be changing quite a lot at the moment, and it certainly feels like over the last couple of years we have (finally) taken some leaps forward in thinking and, as a profession, deciding where […]

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Join the Virtual Working Summit!

June 16, 2010

Is your project team scattered all over the place, and most of your meetings done on the phone?  Many project managers lead a virtual team and getting the best out of people and their time can be a challenge when you are not based in the same office. You can learn how to do work […]

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Event: Social Media for Project Managers

May 31, 2010

I’ll be presenting to the APM’s Women in Project Management SIG on 10 June, and you are invited. We’ll be talking about how project managers can use social media.  I’ll be presenting this: There’s a revolution happening in project management: social media tools are finding their way from branding and marketing to the hub of […]

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The business value of social media

March 22, 2010

Earlier in the month I attended a womenintechnology event about the business value of social media – something I’m particularly interested in, given the topic of my forthcoming book. The evening was held at the Intellect offices on Russell Square, and the room was packed.  It was a pretty small room, in comparison to some […]

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How Social Media Changes Project Management

February 1, 2010

Today, Andrew Filev, who writes the fab Project Management 2.0 blog, and I are swapping posts.  We agreed on the loose topic of social media and project management.  Andrew has a great deal of knowledge on enterprise 2.0 and social media, so I’m glad to have him as a guest author today.  You can read […]

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Social Media for Project Managers: survey

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! You might have seen the little pop-up box which is appearing on this blog at the moment* which talks about a survey. I’m writing a new book on the role of social media and enterprise collaboration tools in a project environment, and I am interested in gathering your experiences – positive or […]

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Book review: Friends with Benefits

November 18, 2009

What a great title for a book about social media marketing.  No Starch Press has a habit of turning out great books – I’ve recently reviewed Growing Software: Proven Strategies for Managing Software Engineers: Big Strategies for Managing Small Software Companies for The Computer Journal and that was also a fabulously produced, attractive and interesting […]

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