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Happy International Women’s Day!

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A Christmas break – see you in 2015

Season's Greetings from A Girl's Guide to PM

We’re taking a break for Christmas and the end of year festivities. Normal service returns on 5 January.

Best wishes to you over the holiday season and see you in 2015!


Day of Gratitude 2014

Train carriage

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK but somehow we’ve managed to adopt the Black Friday sales madness and the shops were full of deals and people. Still, I can’t quite bring myself to post this on Thanksgiving, even though this show of appreciation has become a bit of an annual thing on A Girl’s Guide To PM.

It’s almost the end of the year and that means it’s time to say thank you to the people who have helped keep my blog moving forward, especially as I took another 8 months of time out on maternity leave.

Here are the people who deserve thanks for their contribution to A Girl’s Guide to Project Management during 2014.

Companies who have let me review their software

Project List
Ten Six let me review their video training course for Primavera

People I have interviewed

Brigitte Cobb
Will Kintish
Teri Okoro
Mary Simpkins
Oana Krogh-Nielsen
Peter Taylor
Jeff Furman

People who have invited me to speak at conferences

PMI Chapter of Ireland
PMI Hungary Chapter
APM South East branch

People who have provided guest posts

Bruce Harpham, How to build your project management network
Zach Watson, Will project management benefit from the internet of things?
Bryan Barrow, The death of project management
Beth Sager, How to effectively communicate as a project manager
Piers McLeish, 3 challenges for project success
Jordan Melson, How to know if your goals are realistic
Martin Webster, What project managers really need to know about leadership
Andrew Filev, 5 strategies for building new productivity habits in your project team
Alina Vrabie, 5 ways to boost your team’s productivity
Dave Gordon, Managing auditability (and other non-functional, non-technical requirements)
Anna Erdmanska, 12 ways to create positive energy on projects

Publishers and authors who have sent me books to review

Thomas P. Wise, Trust in Virtual Teams (Gower)
Samir Penkar, From Projects to Programs (CRC Press)
Frank J. Pietrucha, Supercommunicator (AMACOM)
Erik Qualman, What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube (Equalman Studios)
Kathy Schwalbe and Dan Furlong, Healthcare Project Management (Kathy Schwalbe LLC)
Jamie Gerdsen, Squirrels, Boats and Thoroughbreds (River Grove Books)
Emma Ledden, The Presentation Book (Pearson)
Shawn Doyle and Steven Rowell, Jumpstart your Creativity (Sound Wisdom)
Georg Vielmetter and Yvonne Sell, Leadership 2030 (AMACOM)
Ann Pilkington, Communicating Projects (Gower)
Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman, How To Keep Calm And Carry On (Pearson)
Brigitte Cobb, Make it Fly (Pearson)

My new favourite project management book: Richard Newton, The Project Management Book (FT)

And my top read of 2014: Graham Allcott, How to be a Productivity Ninja (Icon Books)

And a few personal thank yous to:

  • Jon
  • Dave
  • Pauline
  • My lovely 2014 Sponsors at Genius.

I really hope I haven’t missed anyone out!


PMI Budapest 2014 Conference

Starting with the big image and going clockwise:

  • The MOM Cultural Centre which hosted the conference
  • Chapter Chair introducing the day
  • The amazing round room
  • View from the balcony over Budapest
  • Traditional Hungarian snacks: apple and cherry strudels
  • Endre, Project Manager of the Year, receiving his prize
  • One of the tomobola winners collecting a copy of my book, Social Media for Project Managers
  • Coffee break in the exhibition hall

You can read more about the event in these articles:


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