Elizabeth speaking at APM Conference 2010

Elizabeth speaking at APM Conference 2010

About me

Hello! I’m Elizabeth.

I’m a career project manager and author. I occasionally speak at conferences and events, and I try not to fall off the stage too often.

I live in the UK and when I’m not looking after my children or writing I’m normally filling the freezer with baked goods.

I’m Director of Otobos Consultants Ltd, which is a project management copywriting company. We help people tell the story of their project more effectively.

In 2010 I was also named Computer Weekly’s Blogger of the Year and in 2011 I was named Computer Weekly’s IT Professional Blogger of the Year. If you’re interested, you can see a list of awards and accolades here. Over the years people have said some very nice things.

In short, I’m the Girl, and this is my Guide.  Welcome.

How the blog began

This blog began in 2006 when I realised that there weren’t enough women writing and speaking about project management, although there were plenty working very hard at it. Back then, flicking through the trade press and going to conferences meant reading and listening to what men had to say about project management. There’s nothing wrong with that – they were (and still are) often very good.  But the project management world was lacking a female perspective. Basically, there wasn’t enough stuff about shoes, chocolate and crochet for my liking.

So I started writing.

Shortly after this blog began came my first book, Shortcuts to Success: Project Management in the Real World. And then the blog won the Project Management category of the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards in 2008, 2009 and 2010. I wrote a couple of other books – Social Media for Project Managers and Customer-Centric Project Management – and that brings us up to date.

Today, the representation of women in project management is better. A bit, anyway. Conference organisers tell me that they go to lengths to attract female speakers. Editors have more balanced editorial panels. However, it isn’t their fault that they have to make a special effort: it’s ours. If we want women to have a more active role in promoting project management as a 21st century profession we need to get out there and do something about it.

“Keep on doing what you’re doing – giving us, girls, the best suggestions and advice about how to be better as project managers! Thank you!” Ani, Bulgaria

What’s this blog about?

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management isn’t a blog just for female project managers. It’s for all project managers, but it’s my take on the role.

I write about a variety of project management topics that interest me but you’ll regularly find articles about:

  • Improving your project communications
  • Hosting better meetings
  • Working more effectively with your team
  • Project management books and recommended reading.

Let’s connect

You can connect with me on Facebook at the Girl’s Guide To Project Management Page, where I share the latest posts from GGTPM, or on Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.  You can also email me at hello @ otobosgroup.com (take out the spaces) or use the contact form. If you are a company, for a better chance of a reply, read the pitch policy first.


Photo credit:  APM

The Office Goddess Mug photo, which I used during 2009 to illustrate the Office Goddess series, is used by permission of Ganz.