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Collaboration software: a growing trend

In this video, J Leroy Ward from ESI talks about the role that collaboration software has to play in successful project management. Are you on the train?

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  • James

    Good video. Having just gone through the process of finding PM & collaboration software, these were all things we were considering. We ended up choosing Workgroups (http://www.metacommunications.com/workgroups) and have been very happy with the features and results as far as our internal productivity is concerned.

    • http://www.otobosgroup.com Elizabeth

      James, I haven’t come across that one before – will have to take a look.

  • Spencer

    When it comes to combining collaboration and project management, I haven’t found any group that does it as well as AtTask. Check it out here: http://www.attask.com/walkthrough

    • http://www.otobosgroup.com Elizabeth

      Thanks, Spencer. Just so people know, from your email address it looks like you work for AtTask.