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Carnival of project management #4

Welcome to the November 20, 2006 edition of carnival of project management.

Brandon Peele presents Leadership Revisited posted at GT. A little too new age for me, but interesting nonetheless, especially the remarks about self-actualisation. I’m currently reading The Princess Diaries Volume 7 (La fete d’une princesse) and Mia still hasn’t achieved self-actualisation. And she’s been trying for a good few years so there is no help for me starting now if I want to be a good leader next week.

Pawel Brodzinski presents Say You Are Sorry posted at Software Project Management, saying, “Communication with a customer is essential, especially when we screwed something up. Sometimes few simple words which cost you nothing can completely change customer’s attitude.” Totally agree.

Derek Mahlitz presents Key factors for Offshore success posted at Project Management Musings. Proof-reading and the use of apostrophes are not key PM skills (fortunately for Derek). However, this sounds like it is written from experience and therefore might be helpful for those involved in kicking off off-shoring projects.

How to Increase Your Value by Tracking Your Time is posted at Unleash your Potential, saying, “This is one of the most effective ways that I know to improve your productivity.”

Steven Silvers presents Ousted FEMA director’s failure offers one good crisis management lesson. posted at Scatterbox at stevensilvers.com, saying, “Whatever your opinion of him, Mike Brown underscored an important rule when he admitted his biggest mistake in the hours after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.” Not hugely relevant to our day-to-day project management life, but I enjoyed it, so here it is.

Sagar Satapathy presents Leaping from Future To History And Back posted at Project Management Source.

Game Producer presents Quality Over Time And Money posted at Game Producer, my favourity project managment triangle.

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